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Failure Analysis Workshop

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Failure Analysis Workshop

Failures don’t happen by chance but are known to have patterns of occurrence. Failure analysis is a systematic procedure for identifying the root causes of a failure or other issue of concern in a system, and for correcting it in a timely manner, if required.

This workshop will introduce participants to the systematic process of failure analysis from the body of knowledge of TRIZ.

Day -1

  • Introduction to Failure Analysis
  • Overview of Algorithm for performing Failure Analysis
  • Multi-screen Thinking or System Operator
    • Different dimensions of multi-screen thinking
    • How to use
  • Initial Situation Description
    • History of the problem
    • Localizing the problem
    • Amplifying the problem


  • Failure Analysis Modeling
    • Building the system diagram
    • Providing hypotheses – strategies for creating hypotheses
  • Categorizing Hypotheses
  • Validation of Hypotheses
    • Creating the Failure diagram


Innovative Problem Solving

  • Kaleidoscope Model of Perspectives
    • Identify key stakeholders significantly impacted by the given situation and proposed solution
    • Articulate the viewpoints of each stakeholder
    • Identify potential conflicts
  • Systems Thinking Network
    • Present cause-and-effect linkages of current situation and proposed solutions
    • Identify core problems to be addressed
  • Hill Model
    • Abstract the given situation
    • Analogy thinking to generate solution
  • Tongs Model
    • Identify the barriers and/or contradictions in given situation
  • Contradiction
    • Formulating Contradictions
    • Resolving Contradictions by applying principles
  • Ideality
    • Envision the state of Perfection
    • Evaluate current solution from Ideal Final Result (IFR)
    • Expressing Functions appropriately
    • Identify Useful/Harmful Functions
    • Refine solution
  • Resources
    • Identify readily available resources to move solution towards Ideal Final Result
  • Resolving Secondary Problems/ Generating Action Plans
    • Apply earlier concepts in iterative manner to resolve secondary problems
  • Review of concepts and closure
    • Review of concepts covered during the day
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Failure Analysis Workshop

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