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Program Methodology

The Innovation Practitioner (MATRIZ Level 1) Certification program consists of Online Training accessible on the Internet and One-on-One mentoring from accredited trainers.
This program has five modules with a minimum of eighty nine tasks to be completed in eight months.
Each module will conclude with assignments that will focus on development of specific skills. The assignments have to be submitted to the mentors over email as per the prescribed format.
The responses from the mentors will be sent over email and depending on each person’s progress, additional tasks will be assigned. Since the entire mentoring is focused towards developing a person’s introspective analytical thinking skills, additional material, as felt necessary by the mentor, will be provided to enhance individual learning.
New modules will not be assigned, if the mentor feels that the student has not understood the concepts in the lesson.

Unique characteristics of the Program

Each student gets individual attention and mentoring to help develop their latent potential to the maximum.
Students are made to practice on engineering and non-engineering problems to develop confidence to tackle complex problems through powerful thinking.
The mentors have been trained by multiple TRIZ Masters such as Dr. Yury Salamatov, Mr. Nikolai Khomenko, Dr. Alla Zusman, Boris Zlotin and are authorized by MATRIZ to set upTRIZ Association of Asia to train students of different age groups.
Years of rigorous research, training and practice in real world projects as consultants, has led to the creation of this program that maintains a rich blend of strong theory backed by rigorous practical application.
The training provided in the modules can also be embedded within other frameworks such as Six sigma, Lean and PDCA.
Large corporates and universities can also avail contact classes for their staff in addition to the online learning to accelerate the learning process.

Time Frame 

The student has eight months to complete five modules. In case the student is unable to do so then the student can apply for extension after paying additional fees.

Target Audience

Any person more than 12 years of age to learn is eligible for the program.