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Software Risk Management

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Software Risk Management

Everybody agrees that software risk management, if done properly, is a good thing to do. Who would not want to identify potential problems early enough to make a difference in the ultimate quality of the product? Barry Boehm believes that “Risk Management helps people avoid disasters, avoid rework, avoid overkill, and stimulate win-win situations on software projects”. According to Dr. Charette, “Risk Management reduces a project’s risk exposure and reducing risk exposure makes good business sense”.

Workshop Benefits

This course provides a conceptual and practical understanding of the methods and tools for Identifying, Analyzing and Managing Software Risks. The course is developed using tried and tested approaches to software risk management. It draws upon QAI’s real life experience and the knowledge of various thought-leaders like Barry Boehm, Capers Jones, Robert Charette and Dale Walter Karolak. The course is greatly influenced by Software Engineering

The course is ideal for professionals directly involved with software projects, such as, project managers, team leaders and software engineers. Software Engineering Process Group (SEPGSM) members, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) team members and Testing team members can also benefit from attending this course. Institute’s pioneering efforts in the area of Continuous Risk Management.

  • What is Risk and Software Risk Management?
  • Motivation for Software Risk Management
  • Reasons we don’t do Software Risk Management SM
  • SEI’s Risk Management Paradigm
  • Identifying and recording software risks
  • Risk Taxonomy
  • Tools and methods for identifying and recording risks
  • Analyzing and classifying risks
  • Tools and methods for analyzing and classifying risks
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Tracking and controlling risks
  • Risk Metrics
  • Effective Communications: An enabler to risk management
  • Introducing Software Risk Management in your project
  • Introducing Software Risk Management in your organization
  • Risk Management and the SDLC
  • Risk Management in the CMM®
  • Other useful tools for successful risk management
  • Conclusions and wrap-up

Note: Individual and team exercises will be supported by appropriate papers, case studies and technical reports-to be distributed and discussed as part of the course

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Software Risk Management

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