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Software Configuration Management

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Software Configuration Management

Configuration Management is a CMMi – Maturity Level 2 Process Area


Watts Humphrey in “Managing the Software Process” states – “The most frustrating software problems are often caused by poor configuration management. The problems are frustrating because they take time to fix, they often happen at the worst time, and they are totally unnecessary. For example, a difficult bug that was fixed at great expense suddenly reappears; a developed and tested feature is mysteriously missing; or a fully tested program suddenly doesn’t work.”

Effective Software Configuration Management helps in reducing problems of poor configuration by :

  • Identifying items that need to be controlled for changes
  • Systematically controlling changes to them
  • Establishing & maintaining integrity of these items
  • and providing accurate status of items to relevant stakeholders (like developers, end users, and customers) throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

By applying Software Configuration Management techniques software development teams can coordinate their efforts and integrate change effectively throughout the operational life of the software.


This workshop explains the underlying concepts of configuration identification, baselines, configuration control, configuration status accounting, and configuration audits. It provides practical knowledge of techniques and tools for establishing and maintaining the integrity of the items/work products & baselines that are developed or used while developing the software product. These work products include the products delivered to the customer, designated internal work products, acquired products, tools, and other items that are used in the creating and describing these work products.

These Software Configuration Management techniques apply equally to the development and support of information systems, commercial software products and embedded applications.

The workshop also familiarizes participants to the Configuration Management requirements of CMMi®.

  • Project Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Technical Professionals
  • Introduction and Overview
    • Motivation, background and context
    • Concepts and Terminology
  • The Identification Function: A Basis For Change
    • Requirements of a CM System
    • Configuration Item Identification
    • Baseline Identification
  • The Control Function: Managing Change
    • Change Request
    • Change Evaluation
    • Change Approval
    • Implementation of Change
    • Status Accounting and Auditing
  • Version and Release Management
  • Preparing and updating a SCM Plan
    • The IEEE standard for SCM Plan
    • Case Study – Sample SCM Plan

Functionality of tools

“The workshop also familiarizes participants to the Software Configuration Management requirements of ISO 9001 and the CMM®.”

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Software Configuration Management

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